Disordered Eating Resources

Our signature course for all sports professionals, athletes, and parents: All about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport and Disordered Eating!

TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR COACHES: Eating disorders and RED-S. I conduct this course for individuals, groups, and organizations on an appointment basis. Contact me to schedule at dietitian@realnutritionrdn.com.

A 56-page downloadable PDF chock full of information, journaling pages, and resources around eating disorders, relative energy deficiency in sport, and more!
A tracking tool to spot if you may be experiencing symptoms of REDs
My article in Climbing Magazine about RED-S
Marisa Michael talks about eating disorders on the TrainingBeta podcast.
Nutrition for Climbers has an entire chapter dedicated to eating disorders.
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Light: The documentary film about climbers and eating disorders
Lose weight to send? The dark side of climbing and eating disordershttps://www.realnutritionllc.com/lose-weight-to-send-the-dark-side-of-climbing-and-eating-disorders/
Types of eating disorders
Eating disorder resources
What to do if you suspect disordered eating in yourself or someone you care about
Learn about what Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport is and how it can affect climbing ability and health
What’s the difference between eating a strict diet for performance, and an eating disorder?
Athletes and eating disorders
Resources compiled by members of the USA Climbing Medical Committee
How vegan and vegetarian diets can mask eating disorders