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Check out some of our contributions to the climbing community. A treasure trove of information beyond the Nutrition for Climbers site. Enjoy!

Our YouTube channel, with topics like “Do Climbers Need Creatine?” and “BCAAs: Help or Hype?”


Featured in Publications

My book Nutrition for Climbers: Fuel for the Send

What is a Nutritionist? in Outside Magazine.

Caffeine for Climbers in Gym Climber Magazine.

Is Light Weight the Right Weight? In Gym Climber Magazine.

The Whole30 Diet in Evening Sends.

Three articles published in Rock and Ice about what to eat before, during, and after climbing.

Click here to see my original research in the scientific journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, about adolescent climbers’ nutrition intake and risk for eating disorders.

Click here to see my review on nutrition and physiology for Olympic-format rock climbing.

What to eat for climbing competitions in Gym Climber Magazine.

What to eat for multi-day climbing competitions in Gym Climber Magazine.

Nutrition for high altitude for Backcountry Foodie.

Climbing diet and nutrition questions answered on the Epic Guidebooks blog.

Featured in Podcasts/Presentations

Listen to me being interviewed on the TrainingBeta podcast about my research, eating disorders, and how to get help when you suspect disordered eating.

Listen to me being interviewed about climbers and eating disorders on the PHIT for a Queen podcast.

USA Climbing talk on “What every climber needs to know about fueling and eating disorders”

The Endurance School vodcast on climbing, triathlon, and more.

Action30 podcast on diet myths, tips for healthy eating, and more.

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