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Congratulations, you found it! The website just for climbing nutrition run by a registered dietitian! This is a place where you can find resources on nutrition with a twist of body positivity. We uplift climbers by providing quality information through the lens of body acceptance, intuitive eating, and inclusivity.

The world of nutrition is confusing. It’s easy to get bogged down in conflicting information. How do you know who is right, and what’s right for you? Welcome to Nutrition for Climbers (NFC). A space where you can learn practical, science-backed information. We take complex nutrition topics and translate them into useful information for you to crush your project, stay healthy, and fuel your climbing.

Marisa’s expertise has been featured in Climbing Magazine, Rock & Ice, Gym Climber Magazine, TrainingBeta podcast, scientific publications, international nutrition conferences, and the Nutrition for Climbers book.

We’ve got blog posts, courses, webinars, and even a book. We’re always creating more content to empower you to make the right nutrition choices for your climbing goals and health.

Courses & Webinars

Created with climbers in mind, topics range from comp climbing nutrition to hacks for high altitude and anything in between. Watch courses anytime, anywhere, as many times as you want.

We’re also hosting live webinars regularly, so get on our email list to be in the know.

Nutrition for Climbers Book

This is the guide you have been looking for. The one that helps you wade through all that conflicting nutrition information. The one that gives you practical, useful information you can apply right away to support your training and crush your climbing. The beautiful layout and unique illustrations are thoughtfully designed to be readable and user-friendly.

We got you covered with any type of climber: vegan/vegetarians, adaptive climbers, adolescents, unique fueling needs for females, and more. Plus different climbing situations such as van life, traveling, high altitude, and nutrition for training phases. Even sections on supplements and 80 meal plans for different training phases. It’s all here. All for you.

Over 195 references were used to create this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive manual. This useful, actionable resource is a must-have for any climber that wants to improve health and performance.

It’s both useful and beautiful, and won the PubWest Design Award 2020 for the Sports/Fitness/Recreation category!

Order today through Fixed Pin Publishing. Try to stay calm, we know it’s exciting!


11 things that impact your climbing besides weight

The message is pervasive and loud. You must lose weight if you want to climb better. But, do you really? Nope nope nope. Not really. We have several studies that look at anthropometrics (measurable body characteristics like weight, height, body mass index, and ape index). Researchers mostly found that anthropometrics did not correlate with climbing …


Nutrition for Climbers (NFC) was created to provide climbers with useful, accessible nutrition information.

We provide the following to the climbing community:

  • Blog content
  • Courses & Webinars
  • Nutrition for Climbers book
  • Individualized nutrition coaching (through Real Nutrition, LLC)
  • Writing original content for publications
  • Expert review on content for publications
  • Workshops
  • Training for coaches & organizations on RED-S, eating disorders, and climbing nutrition
  • Expert review and consultation for gyms, organizations, and teams

Workshops are a great way to reach a large audience. I’ve hosted engaging, fun, and informative workshops for climbing gyms, athletes, and climbing organizations. Keep your athletes healthy and safe by arming them with expert fueling information to stay strong, climb hard, and prevent eating disorders.

Some of my clients include:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • Ontario Climbing Federation
  • Mesa Reno Climbing Team
  • McCallum Place Eating Disorder in Sport Conference
  • Local climbing teams
  • She Sends Collective
  • USA Climbing
  • International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference

Topics include:

Training for coaches, staff, and climbers

  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
  • Eating disorders: How to identify, prevent, and foster good team culture
  • Fueling for competition and training
  • Female climber fueling needs

Consultations for teams/organizations: Keep your organization or gym safe from liability by utilizing a sports dietitian to run workshops, do staff/coaching training, and/or help set up safety protocols for what to do to prevent and address eating disorders.

Have burning nutrition questions? Have a topic you want to know about? We have answers! Fill out the form below with your amazing topic ideas and nutrition questions. We may use it for a future blog post or feature article on our Asking for A Friend series.

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Marisa and co-researcher Dr. Lanae Joubert presenting their research at the McCallum Place Eating Disorders in Sport conference in Berkeley, California.
Marisa imparting all the nutrition wisdom to the ClubSport comp team in Portland, Oregon

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