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Welcome to what (we hope) will become the best part of our site! You, our wonderful readers, submit questions, and we answer them!

You know, things like:

“Wondering what you guys think about keto? I’ve heard a lot of conflicting things about it. I mean, I personally don’t want to do it, but someone else might. Will it help with climbing? Asking for a friend.”


“I’m so jealous, my friend gets to go on an epic climbing trip. He lives at sea level and it’s going to be at really high altitude. I want to look super cool and knowledgeable and help him research nutrition and hydration for high altitude. Can you guys point me in the right direction? Asking for a friend.”


“My friend and I are in an argument about whether collagen is really that great. Save our friendship. Tell us all the details.”

You don’t really have to ask for a friend. You can ask for yourself. We’re just giving you a convenient out to save face in case you need it. You’re welcome.

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