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Nutrition for Climbers (NFC) was created to provide climbers with useful, accessible nutrition information.

We provide the following to the climbing community:

  • Blog content
  • Courses & Webinars
  • Nutrition for Climbers book
  • Individualized nutrition coaching (through Real Nutrition, LLC)
  • Writing original content for publications
  • Expert review on content for publications
  • Workshops
  • Training for coaches & organizations on RED-S, eating disorders, and climbing nutrition
  • Expert review and consultation for gyms, organizations, and teams

Schedule a one-on-one personalized nutrition coaching session!

“Marisa has been an amazing help to me in my recovery from anorexia. I am a climber and full-time route setter that had been malnourished since 2014 and my body and mind were simply breaking down. I couldn’t sustain my passion for climbing, work was breaking my body down, and my life was being spent with a cloud over my head. Marisa showed me a different way to go about living. She helped me realize that proper nutrition and care for my body would help me climb stronger than ever. She has made this career of route setting sustainable for me. Most importantly, Marisa lifted that cloud that was sitting over my head for nine years.” ~Nolan Piper

“Marisa is simply the best. I have worked with a few nutritionists and dieticians in the past and Marisa blew away my expectations. Her care and knowledge have been more helpful to me than I could have ever thought. Thank you!” Vincent Marciano

Workshops are a great way to reach a large audience. I’ve hosted engaging, fun, and informative workshops for climbing gyms, athletes, and climbing organizations. Keep your athletes healthy and safe by arming them with expert fueling information to stay strong, climb hard, and prevent eating disorders.

Some of my clients include:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • Ontario Climbing Federation
  • Mesa Reno Climbing Team
  • McCallum Place Eating Disorder in Sport Conference
  • Local climbing teams
  • She Sends Collective
  • USA Climbing
  • International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference

Topics include:

Training for coaches, staff, and climbers

  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
  • Eating disorders: How to identify, prevent, and foster good team culture
  • Fueling for competition and training
  • Female climber fueling needs

Consultations for teams/organizations: Keep your organization or gym safe from liability by utilizing a sports dietitian to run workshops, do staff/coaching training, and/or help set up safety protocols for what to do to prevent and address eating disorders.

Marisa and co-researcher Dr. Lanae Joubert presenting their research at the McCallum Place Eating Disorders in Sport conference in Berkeley, California.
Marisa imparting all the nutrition wisdom to the ClubSport comp team in Portland, Oregon

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