Nutrition for Climbers Book

This is the guide you have been looking for. The one that helps you wade through all that conflicting nutrition information. The one that gives you practical, useful information you can apply right away to support your training and crush your climbing. The beautiful layout and unique illustrations are thoughtfully designed to be readable and user-friendly.

We got you covered with any type of climber: vegan/vegetarians, adaptive climbers, adolescents, unique fueling needs for females, and more. Plus different climbing situations such as van life, traveling, high altitude, and nutrition for training phases. Even sections on supplements and 80 meal plans for different training phases. It’s all here. All for you.

Over 195 references were used to create this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive manual. This useful, actionable resource is a must-have for any climber that wants to improve health and performance.

It’s both useful and beautiful, and won the PubWest Design Award 2020 for the Sports/Fitness/Recreation category!

Order today through Fixed Pin Publishing. Try to stay calm, we know it’s exciting!


Amazon reviews:

“This was a gift for my son who is an avid climber. He loved the sections on van life and the meal plans with recipes. Great book for anyone looking to fuel up properly prior to climbing.”

“Nutrition for Climbers has it all: details about supplements and hydration, recipes, interviews, nutrition in special circumstances (i.e. vegetarians, digestive issues, and eating while on the road), tips for injury prevention and recovery, eating disorders, and of course, nutrition recommendations for all types of indoor and outdoor climbing. Aside from the great content, this book is BEAUTIFUL. Colorful charts, photos, tables, and graphics make you actually want to READ this book! There is something for everyone in the climbing community: from newbie to veteran climbers, coaches, rock gyms, and others — this book should be on your shelf. “

“Nutrition for Climbers is absolutely gorgeous but more importantly, it’s a comprehensive resource for all levels of climbers. Marisa provides nutrition guidance for indoor, outdoor, competitive, and high altitude climbing. If you’re not quite sure how to fuel for your climbing style, Marisa has created detailed multi-day menus for you. If you’re not much of a cook, she’s also included a wide variety of easy to prepare recipes meeting your unique nutrition needs as a climber. I also commend Marisa for her ability to provide what might be considered complex information in an easy to relate to format.”

“I really enjoyed this resource. I read some sections in a block, skipped some that didn’t apply to me, and referred to others as resources to address really specific problems, like muscle cramping or bonking during a session. The beauty of this book is that it has information for every type of climber, and goes to great length to identify the specific needs required in different disciplines. I especially enjoyed the information about supplements, as I have always had trouble understanding this topic on my own.”

“This book is packed with evidence-based nutrition information on a variety of nutrition topics associated with climbing- from nutrition at high altitude, cold and hot weather, van life, youth/adolescent climbers, injury prevention and recovery, and even supplements. It’s a great guide to eating to perform. If you’re someone who is easily distracted and frustrated by endless nutrition info out in the world, buy this book! This would also make a great gift for a teen athlete. “

“As an adaptive climber I know the importance of maintaining my body both on the inside and out. We are more prone to health issues and injuries so it is highly imperative that we give our bodies the nutrition it needs to maintain and to heal. Nutrition for Climbers | Fuel for the Send is the book that will give you the tools and knowledge to perform better and maintain the body that lets you climb at your best. I highly recommend it!”

“Well-researched, helpful information. There are few resources in the climbing world that are so comprehensive and thorough. Plus, the book is absolutely beautiful. A must-buy for any climber, parent of a climber, or wanna-be climber.”

“With such a limited amount of resource out there for nutrition for rock climbers, this is a real gem! Full of helpful information in what to eat for each style of climbing, this will be my go to book for a long time!” 

Fixed Pin Reviews

“An amazingly written book with actionable information on how to hone your diet for climbing. Explanations range from cellular processes to real-life examples of meal plans for different occasions (indoor weekday session, indoor all day weekend session, outdoor session, comp, etc). She includes all important macro and micro nutrients, where you get them, why they are important, and how to incorporate them into your day (ie what kind of food do you eat in morning? for lunch? before you climb? how long before you climb should you eat? what to eat after a climb? etc). 

Especially helpful for me is that she lays out what nutrients vegans/vegetarians can be lacking in to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to perform at a high athletic level.”

“This book has such great information about food as fuel, and it addresses many specific types of climbing or nutritional needs. It was easy to read, easy to understand, and full of beautiful and informative graphics and charts. Absolutely check out this sensible, well researched and enjoyable book!”