Send it: Group Nutrition Coaching for Climbers

“I just need someone to tell me what to do. A laid-out plan to follow. Tell me my calories and macros. Give me a cheat sheet so I know I’m eating right.”

“I need freed up mental space to climb well. I don’t want to be worried about food–I just want to focus on more important things about climbing.”

“If I know the nutrition information I got was correct, I could be more confident and know I’m on the right path to climb all the climbs.”

Send It: Group Nutrition Coaching for Climbers is designed for busy climbers that want to dial in on their nutrition, but not spend so much time and mental energy on it. It takes place Thursdays February 9, 16, 23, and March 2 at 5 pm Pacific time. No worries if you miss a live session. You get full access to all recorded lectures!

You’ll walk away from Send It knowing how to: 

  • Eat the right amount of calories and macros for YOU
  • Make meals and snacks simple and quickly
  • Fuel your climbing and training
  • Use supplements backed by science to maximize your training
  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Know how to eat without restriction while still crushing your climbing goals
  • Feel strong and energized when climbing 
  • Have confidence in your fueling strategy
  • Prevent Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) and eating disorders 

Send It is a 4-week course. A mix of live and on-demand content, it includes:

  • 4 live 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Access to all recorded live sessions
  • 21 Cheat sheets & guides
  • 12 Sample meal plans

Week 1: The Approach

  • Nutrition basics for climbers
  • How to personalize your calorie and macro needs

Week 2: The Climb

  • Meal plans
  • Snack ideas
  • How to prep for fueling
  • Practical tips for easy food prep
  • On-the-go meal and snack strategies
  • What to eat before/during/after climbing sessions

Week 3: The Crux (the tricky part– using practical knowledge and intuitive eating to approach food a whole new way)

  • This week you apply what you previously learned in weeks 1 & 2
  • How intuitive eating can fit as a climber

Week 4: The Send (it’s like sending after all that projecting–bringing all the previous weeks together)

  • How to keep up your new habits and climb all the climbs
  • How to prevent and identify RED-S
  • How to prevent and identify eating disorders
  • The mental/emotional side of eating 
  • How much weight matters in climbing ability

This course is designed by a sports dietitian who literally wrote the book on climbing nutrition! She’s also conducted and published original research in climbers. Marisa has helped hundreds of athletes improve their health and performance through better nutrition. She is an expert at taking scientific information and translating it into understandable, actionable steps for climbers to feel better and crush their projects.

Who can attend?

Anyone that is interested! Teen comp or recreational climbers, adult climbers, coaches, routesetters, parents of youth climbers, and any climbing professional interested in learning more about nutrition (physical therapists, sports physicians, etc.)

Here’s what participants had to say about this course:

“I really enjoyed your content. Your course was what I needed to start my own food journey. I also really liked your supplemental books you suggested…I liked how you made the class interactive and it felt communal. I enjoyed hearing others concerns and stories. Again, I can’t thank you enough!”

“I feel way more energized and can do higher-intensity climbing sessions.”

“I don’t feel so tired in the middle of the day now that I changed the way I eat.”

“I can climb at a more even pace and have more energy throughout the day.”

~a minimum of 5 participants are needed to run the course. If you sign up and less than 5 participants sign up, you will be notified and issued a full refund.